Welcome to the Greek.Flag.Project!

Presenter of  “etsi apla” DIY tv show & installation artist  Kelly Karypidi, proudly presents the Greek.flag.project.

The artwork & colors: an arty print created in ipad , in sky blue and white // The product: a unisex and extremely soft scarf 1.70cm x 0.70cm // The concept: symbol and meaning of Greek flag // The style: unique, limited, numbered from 1 to 1000 pieces // The packaging: an elegant natural colored paper box // Price: 27 e


Greek.Flag.Project is worn by famous people in Greece, France, USA,   trend setters and people who admire greek spirit.

Contact Kelly// kkarypi@hotmail.com

Order on line  http://thegreekflagproject.bigcartel.com

Kelly, after her studies, lives and works in Athens, Greece.

2013 “etsi apla”, work on progress, mixed media, K44 building, Athens, Greece

2012 -now “Etsi Apla” DIY tv show , Alpha tv , presenter, Athens , Greece

2009-now Affekt showroom, wholesale distribution, sales director, Athens Greece

2012 “Game Over” , mixed media-installation, 3mx2m, Trash Art Festival, Ozon Magazine, Bios , Athens, Greece (group)

2012 “Stop”, mixed media, 0,90mx0,60m, “Give me a sign”, Clean Junkies,“The Box” Ag.Paraskevi, Athens, Greece(group)

2012 “The Doctor X project”, installation, 1,9mx1,4m, Worn by, Affekt Showroom, Ozon Raw- TheRoomService @ St.George Lycabettus, Athens, Greece (group)

2012 “Wear Me”, styling-set design, Affekt Showroom, K44 building, Athens, Greece (solo)

2012 “The Greek.Flag.Project”, 170 cm x 70 cm, design, artwork and video, limited edition flag scarf project, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2012 “Two Lovers”, mixed media, collage and ink, 90cmx90cm, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2012 “Life Is”, mixed media, collage and ink, 1,5mx1,5m, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2012 “Lonely chair”, mixed media, 40cmx90cm, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2011 “Pomak wedding”, installation, 1,9mx1,4m, Hueftgold, Affekt showroom, Ozon Raw- TheRoomService @Semiramis, Αthens, Greece (group)

2011 “Oporopolion [εspadrij]” launch project, installation, 5mx5m, Affekt Showroom, K44 building, Athens, Greece (solo)

2011 “800”, mixed media-installation, 6mx6m, Ammos store X Vogue Hellas, Athens, Greece (solo)

2011 “Red”, mixed media-installation, 1mx2m, Ammos store, Athens, Greece (solo)

2009 “Ksenodochion o paradisos” The Lonely Pillow, mixed media, 1,5mx1m, Otherwise project vol.3, Block 33 , Thessaloniki, Greece (group)2010 “Heart attack”, mixed media, oil on canvas, 90cmx1m, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2008 “KellyoneOFus”, mixed media installations, 2000sqm, Shop & Trade building, Athens, Greece (solo)

2003-2004 “The 39 Steps”, set design, 3mx4m, European Art Company, Altera Pars theater, Kerameikos, Athens , Greece (group)

2003 “Neoplasm”, 20cmx15cm, oil on canvas- collage-ink, Athens, Greece (private collection)

2002 “Bloody Michelangelo”, 80cmx50cm, oil on canvas, Athens, Greece (private collection)


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